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japanese arms and armour tsuba exhibit japan art expo



When a new application is received from individuals and corporations that wish to take part in the event, they will be examined and undergo an approval process by board members prior to acceptance. It is also a requirement that individuals and corporations adhere to JAE code of conduct.

japan art expon exhibit japanese arms and armour samurai - nihonto hataya
honto nihonto japanese art and antique swords exhibit

To ensure the authenticity of all exhibited items, every exhibitor and vendor will be vetted by our team of experts, who will examine each stand item on display before opening to the public.

When vetting is conducted, only the vetting committee will be allowed in the venue. Traders are requested to wait until this has been completed.

Taciser Sevinc - JAE2023-09.jpg
Taciser Sevinc - JAE2023-14.jpg

If an item is deemed inappropriate for the event it will be removed. If an inaccurate description is found this must be corrected and/or removed.

The vetting committee is comprised of various experts within their field and as such, they may consult with each other before making a decision. This decision is final.

japanese swords & asian arts and antiques exhibit japan art expo
ginza seiyudo japanese antique samurai swords - japan art expo exhibit
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