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Lectures & Demonstrations 

We will be hosting a variety of lectures and demonstrations on Japanese art and culture across the weekend. They will provide an in depth understanding on an array of subjects, including various schools of artists, technology, and art in their historical contexts.

Keynote speakers will range from individuals to established organisations, who will come together to share their knowledge and expertise.

Saturday, 8th June:

Helmet&Mask 18  a.jpg

11:00AM  Luc Taelman - Regional Differences of Japanese Armor  (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

Screenshot 2024-05-30 142630.png

12:00PM Eckhard Kremers - Early Tsuba (beginner), Western Influenced Tsuba (intermediate)


1:00PM  Simone Di Franco - The Uda kei (宇多系), an Underestimated School  (advanced)


2:00PM  Paul Kremers - The features and secret marks of the Goto school  (advanced)

3:00PM  Educational Committee Meeting

Sunday, 9th June:


2:00PM Dealer's meeting


Those wishing to participate in our lectures and demonstrations, please contact our team at

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